Our Technology

We developed our patent-pending Bythlon pedal system technology to meet the criteria from our scientific research:

Three bolts connection for every road bike shoe

The Bythlon cleat can be mounted to any three-bolted road bike shoes in the market so that you can enjoy a performance boost from using purpose developed bike shoes with rigid soles.

The pedal goes easy on your knees and hip joints by allowing your feet to float, which means they can slightly tilt during the cycle stroke. In a fixed configuration, your knees and hips would be locked in.

The Bythlon floating cleat allows your feet to turn lateral during the no-power phase and returns to its defined position during the power phase.

The cleat plate has a convex surface engaging the pedal body's matching the concave shape. When you press a convex and concave surface together, both will align. So it is the Bythlon's pedal geometry that automatically transitions your foot back in the right position during the power phase for maximum efficiency, every time.

You can step-in ‘blindly.’ The cleat connects from both sides of the pedal. You don’t have to look down and flip it in the right position. The arc-shaped protruding cleats further guide you into place.

Large Power Transfer Zone

The geometry of cleat and pedal provides a large contact frame that is spreading the power transfer out through the entire cleat body. This wide area prevents stress from peak power points and improves efficiency, stability, and comfort. 

Symmetric pedal design

No more lock-ins! Step out any time you want in a natural way. Follow your instincts and pull out any time! No awkward wiggling required, lift your feet, and you are free.