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Increase your cycling power without having to clip in. Easy in, easy out.

Bythlon is built for better cycling

Bythlon is built for better cycling



While clipless pedals are recognized for enhancing cycling performance, research indicates that the true source of this performance boost stems from the rigid connection facilitated by cycling shoes, a benefit often misattributed to the clip-in mechanism.


Your legs naturally optimize your pedal stroke, activating powerful muscles during the downstroke — which contributes to 97% of the total cycling power and 100% of the aerobically efficient power. The remainder is generated by the, inefficient, taxing, low-power upstroke.


The efficiency, stability, and comfort provided by a rigid connection to the pedal are the true advantages of using clipless systems, rather than the ability to pull up during the upstroke.


Clipless pedals can be challenging for many, with four out of five cyclists facing difficulties unclipping in time to prevent a fall. They’re a main culprit behind knee, hip, and ankle injuries, but we put up with them due to a lack of alternatives.


Bythlon retains the core advantages of clipless pedals while eliminating the downsides, offering a safer, more intuitive, and more efficient experience for cyclists of all levels.

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Guided entry bevel
Lightweight ultra-strong glass fiber compound
Dual-access pedals
Anti-slip tip surface
Designed in Germany, made in Taiwan
Easy Allen key assembly



1000+ 5 star Reviews
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My first Ironman. I had an issue in the past with clipping in giving me anxiety. Now that I have these pedals that has gone away. Thanks for making these !

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Mc Kay

After having a nasty accident because of being “clipped in“ I changed over to Bythlon. I still feel clipped in, but I have the peace of mind, that I can release instantly.

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This pedal system WILL improve your cycling experience. you don’t need to do any yoga movements to “unclip” you do what’s most natural to you, which is simply to lift your foot up, It’s as simple as that.

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Due to an old ankle injury I have never been able to get enough torque to get my left cleat I clipped. I love riding with my Bythlon peddles. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have found a solution that works so well for me.


How does the Bythlon system work? Is it magnetic?

No, the Bythlon system is not magnetic. It uses a form-fitting connection to keep the cleat plate engaged with the pedal. The system never locks you in vertically, allowing you to step out anytime

What tools do I need to mount the cleats and pedals?

You will need a 3 mm and 6 mm Allen key, also known as hexagonal tools, or hex. You will find them on your multi-tool. If you do not own a multi-tool yet, get one. It is part of the essentials to take along every ride.

If you want to replace existing pedals or cleats, you may need additional tools like a 15 mm wrench or different size Allen key. While you can install the cleats and pedals yourself, we love bike stores and they'll be more than happy to help you with your pedals.

Can I use my Shimano, Look, or KEO-compatible brand cycling shoes with the Bythlon system?

Yes, as long they are road bike shoes with the standard three threaded holes.

What are the weight and size of the Bythlon pedal and cleat?

One pedal weighs 5 ounces (144 grams), and the cleat plate weighs 1.5 ounces (43 grams). The pedal's width is 3.5 inches (89 mm), length 3.2 inches (84 mm). The total axle length is 3.5 inches (89 mm), the axle part protruding the crank is 3 inches (77 mm) long. The pedal's center distance to the crank is 2 inches (52 mm).

What materials are used in the Bythlon pedal system?

The pedal body is a lightweight polyamide (PA) glass fiber compound. The axle is made of durable Chromium Molybdenum (Cr-Mo) Steel. The cleat plate uses two materials: The fiberglass cleat plate body  and the anti-slip Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) tips.

Is the Bythlon pedal system compatible with systems from Shimano, Look, or KEO?

No, the patented Bythlon technology is proprietary. You can't use another system's cleat or pedal.

What type of bike shoe should I get to use with the Bythlon pedal?

The Bythlon system works with every road bike shoe that has the standard three threaded holes in the soles that work with Shimano SPD-L, Look, Keo, and others. Bike shoes are generally divided into two groups. One is for road bikes and has a triangle configuration of three threaded holes that are used to mount the cleat on the sole. The cleat protrudes the sole. The other one is made for mountain bikes and has two recessed threaded holes. A mountain-bike cleat can be mounted recessed, which makes it a bit easier to walk.

Where is the Bythlon pedal made?

It is made in Taichung, Taiwan, where most of the world's high-end bike components are produced. It is designed by Bythlon's German development team and manufactured by a renowned original design manufacturer with many years of experience producing pedal systems.