Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the system work? Is it magnetic?

No. There are no magnetics, no clips, no locks. Instead, we use a form-fitting connection to keep the cleat plate engaged with the pedal. The cleat plate has protruding arc-shaped cleats that fit into the pedal body's matching recesses. The arc shape helps you by guiding the cleat into position when stepping in. Once stepped in, the cleats are engaged with the pedal and secure you in the horizontal plane. You can't slip off the pedal anymore. Most important, the Bythlon system never locks you in vertically. You can step out any time. Bythlon combines the performance aspect of using bikes shoes with the safety of a flat pedal, and you will never get stuck.

My friends tell me I should push down on my pedal and pull up for maximum power. How can I do this with the Bythlon pedal?

The idea of having power in the upstroke is a myth. Extensive evidence from scientific studies and field data shows that nobody is pulling, not even the professional riders. Therefore we designed the Bythlon Pedal not to lock you in. You can pull out any time without having to unlock or overcome any spring resistance. 

What tools do I need to mount the cleats and pedals?

You will need a 3 mm and 6 mm Allen key, also known as hexagonal tools, or hex. You will find them most likely with your Bike Multi-Tool. If you do not own a multi-tool yet, get one. It is part of the essentials to take along every ride. If you want to replace existing pedals or cleats, you may need additional tools like a 15 mm wrench or different size Allen key. While you can install the cleats and pedals yourself, we love bike stores and suggest taking your Bythlon Pedal there. 

What are the weight and size?

One pedal weighs 5 ounces (144 grams), and the cleat plate weighs 1.5 ounces (43 grams). The pedal's width is 3.5 inches (89 mm), length 3.2 inches (84 mm). The total axle length is 3.5 inches (89 mm), the axle part protruding the crank is 3 inches (77 mm) long. The pedal's center distance to the crank is 2 inches (52 mm).

What materials are used? 

The pedal body is a lightweight polyamide (PA) glass fiber compound. The axle is made of durable Chromium Molybdenum (Cr-Mo) Steel. The cleat plate uses two materials: The fiberglass cleat plate body  and the anti-slip Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) tips.

Is the Bythlon pedal system compatible with systems from Shimano, Look, or KEO?

No, the patent-pending Bythlon technology is proprietary. You can't use another system's cleat or pedal.

What bike shoe shall I get to use with the Bythlon pedal?

The Bythlon system works with every road bike shoe that has the standard three threaded holes in the soles that work with Shimano SPD-L, Look, Keo, and others. Bike shoes are generally divided into two groups. One is for road bikes and has a triangle configuration of three threaded holes that are used to mount the cleat on the sole. The cleat protrudes the sole. The other one is made for mountain bikes and has two recessed threaded holes. A mountain-bike cleat can be mounted recessed, which makes it a bit easier to walk.

My cycling shoes are from Shimano, Look, or a KEO-compatible brand. Can I use them?

Yes, as long they are road bike shoes with the standard three threaded holes.

Where is the Bythlon pedal made?

It is made in Taichung, Taiwan, where most of the world's high-end bike components are produced. It is designed by Bythlon's German development team and manufactured by a renowned original design manufacturer with many years of experience producing pedal systems.

Do you have cleats for a fixed configuration?

No. We found that most riders prefer a floating configuration that allows a few degrees of freedom for the feet to tilt when biking to relieve stress from the knee and hip joint. Therefore we currently do not offer cleats for a fixed configuration.

Should I order spare cleats?

Yes, we recommend ordering additional sets of cleats for extra bike shoes and to replace cleats that are wearing off over time eventually, especially from walking on hard ground.