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Martin Feuerhahn started the Bythlon project out of his frustration of not being able to find a clipless pedal that worked for him. After falling during a triathlon because he couldn't unclip during a turn, he decided to develop a bike pedal that provides safety without losing out on performance.

Since then, we've spent two years building the technology that allowed us to create Bythlon. Cycling with cleats shows just how the power transfers from your body to your bike. But, an expected stop, a steel hill, or bump in the road makes you regret putting the cleats on and getting chained to your bike in the first place.

Bythlon is for the daily commuter, triathlete, beginner rider, and elite cyclist alike. We hope to bring you the experience of professional race pedal set in a way that prioritizes your safety and maximizes your efficiency.

Martin Feuerhahn

Martin has over 25 years of experience in the international hardware industry, corporate management, and co-founded several successful startups. His personal experience of crashing his bike during a half-Ironman in 2015 initiated the Bythlon project.
Martin is an active age-group endurance athlete, finished several Marathon and Ironman races. He recently qualified for the Ironman 70.3 Word Championships and hopes to race after the pandemic in Lahti, Finland.

Yi-Ching Hsu

Yi-Ching was a high school and collegial field and track athlete before traveling the world. She is now working as a lifestyle coach and fitness ambassador, empowering women to take charge of their nutrition, mental, physical health, and fitness. She joined Bythlon to encourage more women to take up biking as part of their endurance training.

Oliver Feuerhahn

Oliver played in the Taiwan Football Premier League and is currently enrolled at Minerva Schools at KGI, a university program headquartered in San Francisco that rotates the students through seven cities around the world during their eight semesters. Oliver worked in and with crowdfunded startups since 2016. He joined Bythlon for a practical approach to his research interests, 'Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVBs), and their disruption of the retail and consumer brand landscape.'

Tatiana Feuerhahn

Tatiana's passion is sustainability. She is a recent grad of environmental science and global development studies at Emory and works in the sustainability department of a major US airline. She is responsible for Bythlon's logistic and operational sustainability.

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