We love bike stores

We are selling our products online because we have to. We hope you will take your purchase to your local bike shop and get it installed there.

Bike stores are essential, and they are dying. Take the USA as an example: From 2000 to 2015, the number of bicycle retailers declined from 6,195 to 3,790.

Bike stores are great to browse through products and try them out. They have the knowledge and experience required to help you with all aspects of cycling.

Most bicycle stores are individually owned. Help and support your local economy to make sure that the bike store is still there when you need it. They will have the parts on hand to save the day, can show you the most amazing bike routes, and often organize events and rides.

Being local and individually owned makes it difficult for us to get in touch. 

Please provide us with your store’s contact information if you want to see Bythlon products in your local store. And please take the Bythlon pedal to them to let them see it. 

All inquiries are welcome!